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D6 upgrade log

  1. Backup everything and create clone of working system
  2. Maintenance mode on
  3. Turn off all contrib modules and many core. (got one too many see below)
    1. Uninstall discount_alt before deleting it to clean up tables.
  4. change theme to Garland
  5. delete all of contrib
  6. delete all of core - saving .htaccess because of changed line for processing html files with php (part of what makes 301 work)
  7. upload D6 and let install create a settings.php file (lots of errors after this)
  8. run update.php - got error because taxonomy was turned off - zap database
  9. run update.php to finish updates (several times to make sure all ok)
  10. Turn on the core modules that we use and run update.php
  11. fix .htaccess (saved from D5) (the two versions are different)
  12. unpacked the saved contrib (libraries, modules, themes) from the d6 test site.
  13. Start running update - lots of failures and stops while you fix problems. At least these need to be unloaded for awhile.
    1. og
    3. calendar
    4. views_calc
    5. vbo
    6. viewfield
    7. backup_migrate
  14. Table 'nynjtc_new.panels_layout' doesn't exist problem - fixed by installing panels at this point.
  15. bogus path on getID3 - fix by taking off last directory.>
  16. reinstall views and enable
  17. reinstall vbo, viewfield, views_calc and enable
  18. reinstall calendar and enable
  19. update wysiwyg, serial, book_access - out of date
  20. reinstall og, backup_migrate
  21. enable all but tc custom and ubercart
  22. enable ubercart in two batches (exceeded php cpu limit)
  23. Ubercart Views Marketing requires the CREATE VIEW privilege in your database. (Must be done in WHM)
  24. enable tc custom
  25. turn on our theme
  26. Looks good so start after up changes.>
    1. views - Bill?
    2. configure store - Walt
      1. configure discounts and fix tax condition
      2. turn off coupon discount pane
      3. fix checkout instructions green box to eliminate 10% and IE issues
      4. image cache wrong - fix Bill?
    3. Fix left menus - walt
    4. write a what-is-different block for front page - Walt>
    5. test store - Walt or Bill